21 Actionable Ideas for Driving Traffic to Your Website or Blog

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Whether you have an online business, website or a blog, traffic is important for everyone. The number of visitors you receive on a daily basis impact a lot of things, including your ad revenue, lead generation, conversion ratio and sales.

Even if you’re paying for targeted traffic, who would mind additional traffic for free? Moreover, organic traffic has it’s own perks, besides the fact that it doesn’t cost you money. If you think you’ve exhausted your traffic generation methods, here are 21 actionable ideas you can work with!

#1. Create a forum on your website

Forums aren’t really out of fashion. They still form potent discussion platforms for people interested in a specific niche. If your website has a active forum and community, you automatically generate traffic from people posting questions, answers and commenting on them.

#2. Actively reply to comments you get

Whether you get comments on your blog, forum or on social media channels, you should actively respond to them in order to engage people. When people see you as someone who cares about them (and consequently his/her own business) they take you more seriously and are likely to visit your website more often.

#3. Build an e-mail list and send newsletters

E-mail list building should be a major goal for you. You can offer freebies and special discounts to get people to sign up for your newsletters. Then when you post new content, send e-mail updates to drive traffic from your list.

#4. Offer answers to burning questions

If you are an expert in your field, you can offer to help people by answering their questions and giving advice. This is also a great way to bond with your users and create loyal fans who will continue to visit your website regularly.

#5. Post new content frequently

You need to work towards maintaining a balance between quality and quantity. You can’t expect a lot of traffic if you only post new content rarely. Keep new stuff coming and you’ll see a boost in your traffic as well.

#6. Use news to your advantage

A great way to get more traffic is to use the latest news to your advantage. Keep an eye out for stories that are (or can be) related to your industry or niche and then comment on them, or make them a point of discussion in your new posts.

#7. Become a contributor

There are several well-known websites such as Forbes and Huffington Post which accept contributors (provided you hold authority in your niche). If you can form such connections, you get free promotion and consequently traffic to your website.

#8. Invite a popular blogger to post on your website

If you are connected with a famous blogger, invite him/her to guest post on your blog. Not only will this increase your blog’s credibility but will also pull traffic from his/her following.

#9. Follow SEO best practices

In order to get more traffic from Google you need to follow SEO best practices. These include adding proper meta tags, using important keywords in your content, adding alt text and descriptions for your images and ensuring there is a good internal and external link structure.

#10. Focus on longer keywords

Given how competitive search engines have gotten, you really have to up your game in order to grab a slice of the SERP pie. At this point in time, you should be focusing on longer keywords (also known as long-tail keywords) because they get you more targeted traffic.

#11. Optimize your headlines

Headlines are what pull people to your website. If you are not optimizing yours, you are missing out on traffic. Ideally your titles should include your major keywords and also focus on the benefit people will gain if they click on them.

#12. Promote your website on social media

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn, the important thing is to select one platform that perfectly suits your business and then capitalize on it. Use images, post compelling content and promote discussions to get people on board and build a following.

This way, when you post new stuff, you’ll get referral traffic, which can also be tracked through Google Analytics.

#13. Submit new content on StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is perhaps the most underestimated social network. Granted it can be confusing to begin with, but it really does generate tons of traffic if your content is powerful. You just have to submit your pages on StumbleUpon and if they generate interest, people will share them, increasing their potential to go viral.

#14. Post content on Reddit

While many believe Reddit is outdated, it is not. I once posted something to get over a hundred referral visitors within one hour. The key is to post relevant and valuable content and not just a link back to your website. You should refer to the link here, to see the current trends on Reddit.

#15. Quote real people and mention them on Twitter

If you are trying to quote someone in your blog, you should always mention them specifically on Twitter to drive traffic. It’s only natural for people to want to see what you’ve said about them.

#16. Use visual content marketing

2014 is all about visual content and you should get into the game before it’s too late. Make sure all your blog posts have visual aids (descriptive photos, infographics) and then post them on Pinterest, Twitter and other social networks to get attract traffic.

#17. Make videos that get shared

Videos are a great way to get traffic if they go viral. There are several sites which allow free uploading of videos, including Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo. You can even embed those videos on your own site, benefiting from referral traffic while you engage your visitors.

#18. Write guest posts on relevant blogs

Guest posts are not dead and can still benefit you if you choose a blog which is related to your industry. Moreover, your guest posts need to be informative, value-laden and relevant for the host blog’s audience.

You can include links to your own posts within your guest post and the author info at the end of the post can also send traffic your way.

#19. Swap advertisements with complementary sites

Instead of going for banner advertisements, you can contact webmasters of websites which complement yours (and vice versa) to offer a banner swap. You can put up their advertisement on your sidebar and they can put up yours. This way both websites get traffic from each other.

#20. Submit your website on different networks/directories

Sites like Alltop, Triberr and the blog directory on Technorati are good ways to get some referral traffic in the long-run. Visit these platforms, find out their requirements and submit your site, connect with the community and list your blog for others to find.

#21. Give away freebies

Freebies are very effective branding tools and also bring in traffic if your giveaways are worth sharing and talking about. You don’t have to give away everything for free, just make sure a couple of great, actionable resources are regularly made available for your visitors if they simply opt-in. This will also build your e-mail list and people will keep coming back for more.

You might want to check out our own Freebies Download center and grab a couple of great e-books and templates for yourself. Let us know if you go ahead and use any of the ideas listed here, we’d love your feedback.

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