24 Tools & Examples to Create Videos for Small Business Branding & Marketing

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You might’ve heard people claim online videos are just another over-hyped passing fad, but that’s not true at all. Videos are far more compelling as compared to text or even images, and deliver a dense message in a short span of time. This makes it easier for organizations to engage their audience without a lengthy script, especially today, when visual content is making all the difference.

Use of Content

In the chart above, you can see how 90% of the organizations opt for video content. Why? Because it creates a far better response as compared to all other tools. You can easily convey a strong message through a video as compared to a well-written blog post, or even a case study.

Moreover, videos have a far greater potential than other forms of content when it comes to sharing.They can be promoted on social networks with a few clicks and can go viral very easily – which makes them great marketing tools.

Examples of video content

The video below by Oakley is a great example of visual content creation for content marketing. The video itself is a mashup of different footage, but it’s the idea and the narration behind it which stands out.

This video from PixityLand serves as an introduction to their product and focuses on explaining how it works in an engaging manner.

Capturing Footage for Your Videos

The first step towards making a video is to capture the footage, which will vary between different types of videos. For instance, a tutorial video can easily be made at home using a digital camera or even your ordinary webcam.


If your computer does not have a webcam, you can easily purchase it and plug it in through a USB port. Laptops these days are usually come with built-in cameras. A webcam can be used to record video of yourself or a product as you explain it’s benefits or talk to your audience directly.

Tools for recording webcam footage

Digital Camera/Professional Camera

If you are already equipped with a digital or a professional camera, you do not need anything else. Simply charge your battery, go out and start recording the footage that you want to capture. The quality of the video depends upon the quality of your camera and its lens. Once the video is recorded, simply use your data cable, or memory card stick to copy it on your hard drive.

Screen capturing

If you are intending to display a software or online product, you can simply use a screen capturing tool to record your footage. You won’t need any camera for this, just a software which serves your purpose. Once you are done recording the footage you can add audio to it using your mic.

Tools for screen capturing

Types of Videos

Businesses these days use different types of videos in order to get their message across. It is important to select the right type of video to effectively meet your goals. Given below is a short list of production types which you can use in order to increase awareness, generate leads and establish a relationship with your customers.

Tutorial or Explainer Videos

A tutorial video, as the name suggests, will teach the customer how to perform a certain task, as seen in the explainer video example above. Such videos simplify difficult concepts and can be easily made at home, using a simple digital camera or even your computer’s webcam.

Product Reviews

Project reviews are extremely essential in the corporate world. It’s because they are extremely effective. A recent study carried out by Invodo revealed that consumers are more likely to make a purchase once they have seen the video of the product.

Public Service Announcement

Videos are probably the best way to emotionally connect with your audience. A limited budget or a non-profit organization can use a combination of sight and sound to generate the relevant experience for the people.

Culture Videos

Culture videos are actually diminishing these days, but their effectiveness should not be underestimated. You simply show the target segment what your organization’s culture is and what goes behind the scenes to bring the products or services to them. Use culture videos to show off your team and other relevant things about your company/organization that might intrigue and interest people.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are always effective as they generate word of mouth. Contact actual customers and record their experience with your product/service. People trust other people’s word more than your own.

Animated Videos

Such videos are becoming a trend now. While they require technical expertise, they offer more flexibility and room for creativity compared to traditional footage. You can make brand characters through animation and make a strong brand identity as well.


Video ads have matured and evolved considerably over the past years. Now big organizations use video ads with multiple purposes, focusing on long-term content marketing strategies as compared to the typical sales pitches.

These ads are all about the concept behind them, which means you can create an excellent one even without a lot of resources at your disposal.

Tools to Create Compelling Videos

Till now, we have established that creating compelling videos will require a different approach as compared to writing a rich blog post. Let’s take a look at a few tools which can help us make these videos.


For people who already know about the tool, they must be wondering that it does not create an animation, or even a video for that matter. But this software creates slides in the most unique manner. You can really get the dynamic feel and it is probably the easiest tool to master. The website has to offer a few incredible examples for inspiration.

YouTube Editor

YouTube is a famous video hosting/streaming website and it offers a free of cost tool to edit your videos online. You can add annotations and transcripts to your video as well; which means they can be optimized easily.


Currently the market leaders in the screen-capture video world. Camtasia has a few exciting features which will make it easy for you to work on your video. If you want to create tutorial videos, you should definitely check out this tool.


As the name suggest, this tool will help you generate animated content. You won’t get the hang of it in the very first time, but you will come around it after a few hit and tries. This software will help you generate unique videos through your photos, video clips and music.


Another software that can be used to generate animated videos. It also offers you a set of characters which you can choose from.


Have you seen those videos where a hand is drawing animations and writing things down throughout the video? This tool is your key to creating those videos. It will take time for you to master it, but the end result is going to be extraordinary.


This tool is actually magical. Give it a raw footage and it will go through it to pick out whatever the best parts of your video are in order to create a short video. You can then add music and titles to your video to make it more dynamic.


Quite a lot of brands are utilizing video content in order to build brand awareness and brand identity. Videos can really help generate traffic on your website as they are far more compelling and can convey a deeper message as compared to text.

While you might think it is not possible to create compelling video content without a lot of resources, it’s not true. All you need it is a good concept and a the right tools to capture, edit and polish any footage and create a video that goes viral, pulls traffic and converts your leads.

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