5 Proven Tips to Drive Traffic from Social Media without Spending a Dime

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Driving traffic to your website or blog is possibly your biggest concern after setting it all up and putting it out on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, if you have huge expectations, you’re going to be disappointed because the only traffic in the start (and possibly for the foreseeable future) is going to be from your friends and family.

So what do you do? Wait for the mighty Google to swoop in and save the day? If you have your hopes tied to search results you’re going to be disappointed once again. Simply put, in today’s scenario, you can’t solely depend on any one source of traffic, especially if you are looking for a free meal.

If you’re not willing to invest in advertisement or PPC, social remains your only option, and here we’ll give you 5 proven tips to drive traffic from social channels without having to spend a dime (but it will cost you time and effort).

Your profile picture must stand out

The first thing, before you even start sharing your content or spamming the few followers/fans you have, is to prepare your social profile. Ideally, your blog or website should have a separate social handle so that it’s easy for you to manage personal and professional posts.

However, the single most important thing in all of this would be your profile image – the display picture which pops up in every feed when you post something. Even if you go take a look at your social feeds right now, they’re probably being updated by the second and there is just too much information for anyone to stop and read. If no one is going to even see your post, the content won’t even matter, and you can forget about driving traffic altogether.

Your profile picture is the one thing you can use to pull traffic and stop some eyeballs from scrolling down. If you use bright colors you are much more likely to attract attention, and at least your content is going to get a shot at being read. From then onwards, it’s up to your content.

Keep it simple, short and sweet

Given the speed of social feeds today, people are always in a rush, so even if your profile picture made someone stop, they won’t read your post if it appears too long. Keep it simple, short and sweet. Say exactly what it is you offer and word it in the most persuasive manner you can without stretching it much.

Think of your social posts like copywriting as well. Your goal here is so persuade your audience to click on the link you share in your post.

Use a link shortening service

Actual URLs are often long and take up a lot of space, making your social posts look cluttered – and as mentioned earlier, clutter is never good. People want it simple, and a URL shortening service makes your post look clean and appealing, increasing the likelihood of getting a click.

Moreover, most link shortening services like Bitly give you stats, which means you can check which posts are successfully engaging readers and which aren’t and tweak them accordingly to get more traffic.

Don’t just promote for your own time zone

Social channels are heavily populated and give you access to a global audience. This means you need to start thinking outside of your time zone. If you’re only posting during your daytime, you’re missing out on a lot of traffic from other parts of the world.

There are a lot of scheduling tools available now, including Buffer, which allow you to set up posts to be sent out at preset times, allowing you to stay on the feeds 24/7.

Given how noisy social channels have become, this is more important than I can possibly express in words.

Visuals are a must

If you’re depending on text posts alone you won’t ever see the results you desire. This is the age of visual content and if you don’t roll with it, you’ll be left behind. Creating amazing visual content has never been easier than it is today. There are tons of tools like Canva and Slideshare which let you create compelling graphical representations of your content.

Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or LinkedIn, visual content now holds considerable sway in all these channels.

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