5 Tricks Social Media Pros Use to Generate Leads

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Many marketers don’t know exactly which social platform is best for generating leads due to the fact that they do not track their social activities. However, I’ve observed that the majority of them still use the same old traditional lead nurturing ideas, which can take from weeks to months and even years to identify potential leads.

Marketing Sherpa released a report in 2011, according to which only 54% marketers actually monitor and measure the leads generated through social media, whereas 70% only monitor the traffic landing on their site through social channels.

Monitor to Create an Effective Strategy

Keep an eye on social platforms to find out who’s talking about your organization, products or services. For instance, on Twitter you can use the search tool with your competitor’s business name or product name along with a combination of terms like which, what, price, sucks, annoying, refund etc.

You can also join groups on LinkedIn where you can find your target audience and search for questions or discussions related to your products, services or competitors; similarly you can find various forums with topics in the same context as well, which will help you build an effective communication strategy.

Complaints are Opportunities

Social media has enabled consumers to become broadcasters, something which has also turned social platforms into the largest complaint boxes ever. However, you can also look at it as an amazing opportunity.

Using the above-mentioned tip find customers who are dissatisfied with your competitors and are complaining about them, because they are your prospects. Connect with them and listen to their experience but do not make a sales pitch unless you are not completely aware of the reason behind their dissatisfaction. Involve the customers who are already satisfied with you, making them advocates, as shown in the example below that I picked from Twitter.

Hosting service complaint on twitter

Using the search bar I found that this guy who was searching for a hosting service provider as you can see within his tweet. Well check out how this guy recommended to another service provider and what they replied:

Dissatisfied Hosting Customer

Influence through Blog

Marketers who think that blogging has lost the influence compared to Facebook or Twitter are wrong. According to WordPress, 409 million people view more than 14 billion pages each month, whereas 41.6 million new posts and 54.1 million new comments are made on a monthly basis around the globe.

There are influential bloggers within every industry. Try finding out such blogs because if they write about your product or organization it can help you gain credibility and valuable leads. Set alerts for such blogs using alert services like Google Alerts, to be notified whenever there is any post related to your products, organization, or competitors.

However, keep in mind that bloggers never want their blogs to become promotional platforms for organizations, and you need to be careful before leaving comments. The best way forward is to connect with those bloggers and establish a long-term relationship by sponsoring the blog or running a joint marketing activity that will be beneficial for everyone involved.

Giveaways & Switch Strategy

Make use of special offers, incentives, trials, and freebies to make your prospects feel cared for. Use the switch offer strategy for those prospects who are dissatisfied with your competitors, but never push them too hard. You should rather get connected with such consumers and roll out some interesting content along with your switch offer that pulls leads.

Just like the above-mentioned example, assuming that you’re a hosting service provider and you’ve found an unhappy customer of a competitor, the best switch strategy would be offer them the first month free to test and then a 10% discount after that on buying a 24-month subscription.

You can also host an online event with industry experts and give free access to the target audience, an e-book or a DIY video after collecting their contact details, which you can use for reaching out to them with an offer or a free product demo.

Integrate Social Media in your Communications

Use social icons with links to your profiles within the newsletters or any other emails that you send to the vendors or customers for extending your reach. Take these links on print media such as brochures, business cards, letterheads etc. Moreover, check out our guide on connecting your social presence on cross platforms.

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