6 Rules to Create an Unforgettable Brand on Social Media

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Your business cannot succeed by merely having an online social media presence unless it does not stand out of the marketing clutter which is increasing every day.

Making your business a memorable brand is the only key to success online, so that users are engaged with your brand and follow it. Wondering how to do so? Well here I’ve listed a couple of tips that will lead you to the staircase of building up a memorable brand.

Choose colours your target audience can associate with

Forget about what you like and consider associating your brand’s logo with your target audience so that it can make a bold statement.

Let’s talk about coke, the red colour in its logo is associated with excitement and if you see their target audience, it actually consists of the younger generation.

Similarly, iPhone 5c is released in five colours with a message that it’s not for those who love colors but for those who are colourful.

So you need to revisit your logo and consider whether it follows the first rule of memorable branding.

Slow & steady always wins the race

Consistency is one of the most important factors here. Don’t forget that your customers are following you and keeping an eye on every single move made by their favourite brand. Slogans are made to define your brand and if you keep on changing them it can seriously harm your brand’s image, allowing your competitors to take benefit of it.

Looking at an example of Nike and Reebok here won’t be wrong. Since 1987 Reebok has changed its slogan 14 times; however, Nike still sticks to ‘Just do it’, which has become one of the most recognizable slogans around the world.

Give your Brand a Beautiful Face

Your logo is known to be face of your brand, just like people assess others by looking at their faces, your customers assess your brand by looking at its logo.

Google’s logo for instance uses web 2.0ish fonts, which reflect simplicity, whereas the variety of colors reflect that it is a company that is not based on rules. LG’s logo, with a smiley, conveys the message that their customers are always happy, whereas the red colour in it reflects excitement.

It’s not just about fonts or colours, it’s the face of your brand and the more beautiful it is the more people will want to date your brand.

Dress it up

You might have seen Google giving its logo a makeover on special occasions such as Christmas, New Year etc. They call them ‘doodles’, which are a nice way to show your fans and followers how lively your brand is.

A lot of small businesses ask me whether such an approach will hurt their brand image, and I always tell them that Google has a very strong brand which is recognized across the globe. Even if you look at social media, people love to share their interesting new doodles which further strengthen their brand image.

Engaging vs Boring

According to a research conducted by Small Business Search Marketing, it has been observed that the most common reason why users stop following brands is the frequent posting of boring content.

Whenever you intend to post something on your social media channels, choose wisely based on your marketing goals. A few engaging posts are always better than lots of boring ones.

Humans never interact with bots

Some businesses synchronize their social accounts with blogs or automate the postings over social media just to reduce the cost of their marketing activities. It’s really important for them to understand that humans never talk with bots, they can only be engaged by humans.

Therefore, whenever a follower makes a comment or a query you should reply with their first name to make them feel that it was a personalized reply.

Well, enough from my side, now it’s your turn to share your favourite brands with us. Do you think they follow the above provided tips? Do you think any of these tips can help them? If so, go ahead and share these tips.

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