6 Secrets Behind Highly Converting Landing Pages

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Whether you are running an online business, selling products or offering services, landing pages are essential for bagging leads and converting them. You can think of a landing page as your company’s reception, where the receptionist is tasked with making visitors feel welcome and ensuring that they leave satisfied.

However, setting up an effective landing page is not as easy as it may sound. Today, nearly all online businesses have some sort of landing pages but very few are satisfied with their results. Here we will tell you 6 secrets behind highly converting landing pages.


Before we go towards discussing the actual page and its content, we must stress on the need for proper optimization, in regards to both search engines and PPC advertisements.

Most people pay for traffic to their landing pages (and that is how it should be) but fail to optimize their ad copy or their on-page elements.

Your landing page is only going to be effective if it finds the right target audience. For instance, if you are only interested in knowing about the number of lawyers or requirements for practice in a particular state, you are not likely to set up an appointment with a particular attorney. Hence, if you land on a page that promotes an attorney, offers services or lets you book a free appointment, you’re probably going to skip it. Now if the page owner paid for your visit, his money is wasted.

On the other hand, if you were searching for Experienced Tax Attorney in Texas, a landing page which offers a free consultation is likely to hit home with you (and be worth the advertising cost).

So the main point here is that you need to figure out which keywords you want to target and then formulate an optimization plan for your page before you put it up.


The purpose behind a landing page is very singular in nature. It requires the visitor to take a very specific action. What do you do when you want someone to do something you want? You remove all distractions and walk that person towards the desired objective.

That’s exactly what your landing page needs to do. It needs to be isolated from everything else and focused on the one thing you wish to achieve with it, be it a sale, subscription or download.

You should remove all navigation options from the top. Ideally, there should be no outbound link above the fold, so that the visitor has no option but to follow through.


When you’re writing the content for a landing page it is very easy to lose focus and move towards self-praise or excessive use of hyperboles. The language you use when drafting your landing page is very important.

Remember, every landing page targets a specific audience. You want a particular group or section of people to act in the manner you require. This requires you to build trust and credibility, and language plays a massive role in that.

Consider who you’re targeting and then use their language. Think of it like going to another country and trying to sell something. Unless you talk like them, you’ll have a very hard time convincing them to part with their money.

No pushy sales pitches

Good landing pages don’t push sales or try too hard. When you go all out to convert a visitor you risk sounding desperate and that alone will chase away your leads. Instead of bombing your visitors with your sales pitches, give them something useful and interesting. If you provide information that is valuable and required, you are much more likely to get a conversion.


If you’ve ever made a sale in person you’d know how your tone, expressions and physical presence affects prospects. Unfortunately, despite its many luxuries, the internet is not a very intimate medium. However, humanization always works in your favor and your landing page needs a touch of that to be really effective.

Consider using pictures of attractive people, ideally looking at your call-to-action or smiling, to invoke some emotion and build some level of identification with your visitors.

Similarly, if you want to take it a step further, you can also record a video of yourself giving a small presentation and put it up on the page to greet visitors.

Aggressive CTA

Your CTA or call-to-action has a major impact on your conversation rate. Even if your whole page follows the best practices, an ineffective call-to-action can burn leads faster than you can count.

What makes up a good CTA? The best landing pages have aggressive CTAs. That doesn’t mean you threaten your visitor to sign up or make a purchase though.

An aggressive CTA is active and vocal. It highlights benefits or hints towards what the visitor stands to lose if he/she does not act now.

This means, instead of saying ‘Purchase Now’ – you could say ‘Get it Now or Get Left Behind’.

If you’re having trouble with your conversion rate, follow these tips and we’re sure you’ll see positive results. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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