7 Different Types of Landing Pages You Can Make (with examples)

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We’ve already talked about how important landing pages are and how you can make them according to your own preferences using WordPress. Now we’ll take a look at the different types of landing pages so you can better understand their roles and decide which ones you need to focus on.

In case you’ve forgotten, landing pages are basically web pages designed to influence any visitor who lands on them and to convert as many as possible to achieve certain goals. They are mainly linked within advertisements and serve to further elaborate the main offer in a bid to make a sale to a prospective customer.

Given their purpose, landing pages can be of different types and employ different methods to achieve their goals. Some will be designed specifically to generate leads while others will focus on converting those leads.

Similarly, there are going to be pages which facilitate registration for webinars or sign ups, or those which are shown after you complete an action (thank you pages). Finally you’ll have upselling pages, launch pages and precart pages, all of which employ different methods.

Let’s take a look at the different types of pages and some of their examples so you can better understand them.

Lead generation landing pages

Lead generation is one of the foremost goals for any marketing campaign and landing pages are essential tools for lead capturing. The purpose behind these pages is to engage visitors and move them down the sales funnel by convincing them to opt-in or sign up and submit their contact details etc.

The more people sign up or opt-in, the more information you gather and consequently more leads you have. The effectiveness of a lead generation page depends on a lot of factors, including the positioning of the opt-in form, the copy, the CTA, use of images and videos and so on.

To a large extent, nearly all landing pages generate leads or convert them, but the techniques they employ can be different.

For instance, in the example below, the page is offering a free e-book in exchange for your e-mail address, which will constitute a lead.

Lead Generation Landing Page

Similarly, some lead generation pages don’t directly ask you for your information. They first want to convince you of the benefits they offer and then make you commit by clicking on the CTA (call-to-action) before you are asked to opt-in. Here’s an example of such a page:

Lead Generation Page

In any case, these pages basically guide you towards the sales funnel by pitching you something and convincing you to take an action, be it a trial run or a free download in exchange for your information.

Lead conversion landing pages

Just like there are lead generating landing pages, there have to be lead conversion landing pages as well. These pages are more commonly known as sales pages and can be of different types. The main role of such pages is to present all the main benefits of a product or service and guide the lead towards conversion (mostly sales).

Lead Conversion Landing Page

You will mainly be shown all the benefits of the product or service along with a video or images to convince you. There should ideally be testimonials and other trust factors present as well, before you are finally shown a pricing table or package plan along with a buy now option.

Lead Conversion Page

Webinar Registration Pages

Webinars are great for lead capturing and conversion, and are used to great effect by several individuals in the service industry. However, most webinars have paid tickets and a limited number of seats, which means you need to design special registration pages which can convert visitors and make them reserve a seat.

These pages are not much different from the ones discussed above and mainly have an opt-in form along with a video explaining the benefits of attending.

Webinar Registration Page

Thank You pages

A lot of people underestimate the importance of thank you pages. Whenever a visitor on your website decides to take an action, you need to appreciate it by redirecting all sign ups, opt-ins and subscribes to a thank you page.

Not only does this make the visitor feel special, it also gives you the opportunity to keep the visitor engaged by presenting him/her with different options, like visiting your blog, checking out another product or inviting friends.

Thank You Landing Page

Upselling pages

Upselling is a technique used by marketers to get additional conversions along with the main one (sale or sign up) by creating a sense of urgency or giving the user a favorable choice which can’t be turned down. For instance, in the examples below, one page gives you all the options but then tells you which package is the most popular. In the other page, once you’ve subscribed for a webinar, you’re asked to sign up for the blog too while you’re at it.

Upselling Page

Unbounce Upselling Page

Launch pages

Launch pages play a big role in spreading the word about a new project or service and getting exposure for it. If you’ve ever been interested in an upcoming project and visited their site just to see a sign up box promising notifications when the project goes live, you landed on a launch page.

Launch Page

Ideally launch pages need to encourage users to do two things. First to sign up and secondly to invite their friends and share the page so the service or product benefits from free publicity.

Launch Page with Sharing Launch

Pre-cart Pages

These pages are mainly shown right before you place your final order on an e-commerce site. The purpose behind these pages is to confirm your order, make sure there are no mistakes and highlight any special discounts, offers or add-ons. In essence these pages are used for upselling, but their specific location differentiates them.

Precart Landing Page

If you’re wondering how you can make a landing page you want, you might want to check out our WordPress landing page creation guide here. We’d also love to hear from you regarding this guide and your experience with landing pages.

Please feel free to comment below or contact us for your feedback.

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