Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing Success for Brands

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In order to make your brand excel while using social media for marketing we’ve compiled a helpful list of fundamentals that your brand should do.

Analyse Data

To make optimal decisions for your brand’s social media marketing campaign you need to constantly measure the performance of your brand, analyse, and compare data or else your brand won’t be moving ahead.

Steer the conversation!

Everything you post over any social platform tells a story about your brand. Make your stories engaging to drive results through them. See the classification between boring and engaging:


  • Post about products which people need to buy.
  • Post about you only.


  • Problems are never funny but the way you tell them can be, while you show how your products help solve them.
  • Dialogue based story that is relevant to the community.

Don’t go off the track

Your followers love to hear about your brand, that is why they are following it. They have no interest in hearing your opinions over other topics or best travelling destinations, which is not related to your brand. Make sure to keep your conversation on the track or else you may start losing followers.

Talk to your audience

If you keep on talking about yourself, it’s likely that after a certain time period people will stop listening to you. Every day millions of people interact over social media, sharing information and finding out about each other.

Social media is all about interacting with others. Making your brand memorable is important but to have success over social media you need to keep interacting with your fans and followers.

Personalized Replies

Do not rely on automated replies whenever you receive comments or queries. Personalized replies can be a hassle, especially when you are promoting your brand on multiple platforms, so we suggest that you look for a good social media management tool.

Keep it Responsive & Positive!

While posting on social media be very careful because your competitors are always seeking opportunities that could be used against you so they can benefit from them. Provide good customer care over social media because that is what your customers are seeking.

Be Active around the Clock

Consistency is a key important factor; give something to people when they land on your social profiles. Social media for brands is just like the real reception counter at your business place where customers come and seek help.
Test and analyse the type of content that interests your target audience and optimize it accordingly. Make consistent publishing cycles and measure the performance based on analytics to analyse whether the strategy is working for you or not.

Do you know them?

Only collecting fans or followers cannot help you achieve success over social media. Your followers and fans are those people who wish to see updates from your brand. Ask yourself how many of them you know.

You think it’s not important to know them right? Well you’re wrong. Go back to the basics of marketing and think about converting your followers or fans into advocates. Advocacy comes with customer satisfaction as well as personalization, which helps in generating word of mouth.

To get the best output from your content don’t forget who you’re talking to. Segment your fan base based on demographics and try to deliver relevant content.

Become a Great Story Teller

You need to favour a personalized approach and go for stories that your audience can connect with. They should be left anticipating your next piece, but you shouldn’t ever deliver exactly what they expect.
Keep the curiosity factor alive and pace your content. If you’ve posted a controversial topic which is engaging readers, you should give it time to breathe and develop before the next piece. Always stay one step ahead of your readers and keep them coming back for more.

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