Magical Power of Bullet Points that Makes Customers Beg for Your Products

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It might sound distasteful but whenever you are writing a sales copy, you have to picture your customer to be lazy since it is going to be extremely hard for you to motivate him to actually buy anything.

Your prospective customer does not know anything about your product and has an attention span of less than 2 seconds.

It’s true that motivating them to buy something is going to be difficult but if you are able to demonstrate clearly what they are in for, they will make the decision without batting an eye.

Magic Bullets

Let me show you how exactly you can use bullets in your landing page so that you can get the attention of those lazy customers.

You first need to understand how bullets are an extremely important feature which can be used to break up the copy in order to generate more sales, increase transaction size and even catch the attention of your prospects.

  • Firstly, bullets make the reading process much easier which further increases readership. Plus, the paragraphs tend to get boring.
  • They are the basic attraction for your prospects. This means that you can enhance your text by putting it in bullets and it is even going to catch a skimmer’s eye. Your prospect will understand in a few seconds what he is in for.
  • Last and most important, these bullets give you an opportunity to highlight all the important aspects and benefits of your product/service.

Looking further into the last point, let’s discuss how you can make your bullets highlight the important aspect of your product/service. This is definitely going to maximize the profit as compared to the sales copy which you already have.

Picture lighting one matchstick from another; join them together and you’ll realize that you have more fire with lesser amount of force. Similarly, the bullets are going to give you double the benefits with less amount of energy being used from your end.

By now you should realize that you should highlight the benefits which your product has to offer and not exactly its features. Putting this into simpler words, it’s actually the benefits of your product that actually sell and not the features.

Let’s go through an example…

For instance, if you currently sell shoes, one of the features could be that they are made of pure leather. However, what would really catch the eye of the customers is the fact that these shoes are going to last for more than three or four years.

Now here is what you need to understand…

There are always secondary benefits to your products/services that you can highlight. Once you add these secondary benefits, they will automatically generate a response. This will help you set up the tone of your product/service so you can generate more sales.

Let’s see how people use bullets traditionally

  • Leather hiking shoes that are going to last for more than four years.
  • Designed for people who love to travel and will stand against any type of track.
  • Available in all sizes for males and females.

Understand how these bullets have pointed out benefits and not just the features of the hiking shoes that are on offer.

But there is always more that can be added in order to attract the customer. You just need to understand what the customer has to focus on.

Help them understand how their life can be better if they are to purchase your product or avail your service. It’s always good to connect the dots for the reader. The secondary benefits which you will mention will become overwhelming for them, something that is good for your product.

Highlight how exactly your product is going to improve their lives!

Here are the same bullets with a secondary benefit added to each of them…

  • Leather hiking shoes that are going to last for more than four years as they can survive any climate whether it is snow, hail, or rain.
  • Specially designed for people who love to travel and their thick soles can stand any track across the globe.
  • Available in all sizes for males and females while the style and comfort which these shoes have to offer will allow you to wear them during your daily routines as well.

Now let’s break it all down into simpler words…

Let’s say for example that you are selling scarves and one of the features is that it is made out of lamb wool.

We all fully understand that lamb wool is soft and doesn’t cause any itchiness to the person who wears it, but we, as sales people, need to connect all the dots for our prospects.

Never leave anything for them to assume. It’s like you are writing a final paper for your school. You never let the teacher assume what you are thinking. You break it down and spell it out for them.

Now in this case you need to shout out the benefits of lamb wool, for instance it is soft against the skin, or it causes no itchiness.

Now, while writing the bullets for your particular scarves, you need to deliver pitch for the secondary benefit that your product has to offer.

No doubt that the scarves are soft but other benefits which lamb wool have to offer include no itchiness and rashes, keeps you warm, you can wear it all day for comfort, etc.

So, when you are writing a bullet for your product, by delivering the secondary benefit you can say…

  • Crafted with 100% lamb wool that is soft against the skin and will keep your neck rash free.

How to apply the same model to your business…

You can easily apply the same template to the copy that you are using at this very moment. You will not have to rewrite much, but in fact add a few words. In all honesty, these words are probably already lingering in your head and you thought that the customer would already know about them. You are now just putting it out in front of them so they fully understand the benefits your product has to offer.

All these benefits are not obvious for a lazy prospect. This is the reason why you MUST mention them in your copy.

Now that you are aware of this concept, you are going to notice the same thing in all the sales pages. You’ll notice how some of them are doing it right, while others are still sticking to the traditional ways.

Here is an example from IWantFreeMovieTickets…

Notice how they are only mentioning the single benefit which they have to offer i.e. “All the FREE movie tickets you want!” and that too in only “$20”. Lastly, they mention how you receive these tickets by mail.


Another example can be of Citibank, who are doing it right. Their bullets easily show how your mortgage consultant is going to assist you with refinancing your mortgage, or introducing you to tailored lending options so you can get to your DREAM HOME!

Citibank Home Finance

There is no doubt that IWantFreeMovieTickets could easily increase their transaction size or number of sales if they add a little bit more to their bullets. For instance:

  • All the FREE movie tickets you want of the latest and your favourite movies on the date of your choice.
  • Tickets will be delivered to you by mail and no extra charges will be taken from you.

I would bet anything that this copy will definitely increase their sales – really!

Anyway, do you get the picture?

Here’s an exercise which you can do…

Simply revamp the bullets on your landing page and add the second punch to it. Once you’re done, simply split-test the results.

In case you don’t have a landing page, just work with what you have. Customize the home page or any page where you are using bullets to define your product’s features.

Always remember, in order to get a good readership, you just need to change on thing and not exactly change the text entirely.

So, now you simply need to rework on your landing page, track the response and let us know how it has been for you so far!

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