StumbleUpon Guide to Generate More Traffic for Your Website

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StumbleUpon is an effective traffic generator, but is unfortunately underestimated by a lot of people. If used properly, it can send tons of traffic your way, even more so than comparable social networking platforms.

How StumbleUpon works is pretty simple. Users search for their interests and are then shown related web pages. If they decide to like a page, it is promoted to a lineup, which means other users interested in the same niche are also shown the same page.

Essentially what this means is that there is a high chance that your page, website or blog can go viral if you hit the right buttons.

Creating content that gets thumbs-up

The basic and most important thing you need to do is create content that will get thumbs-up from users. When you submit a link, it goes into the lineup and is randomly shown to relevant people – this is where your content’s quality comes into play.

If the initial impressions get thumbs-up, more and more people are exposed to your content, which significantly increases its chances of going viral.

The key here is to create content that focuses on entertaining and informing as opposed to pitching and selling. Consider the mindset of people using StumbleUpon. They go there to be entertained and to discover interesting content. If your page fits the bill, there is no reason it won’t bring traffic.

Sharing great content to build connections

Like Twitter, StumbleUpon also allows you to follow people, and people to follow you. When you follow someone, their likes, shares and stumbles show up on your lineup and vice versa.

The point here is that you need to start sharing great content, even if it’s not something you created. Self-promotion won’t take you far, but sharing content that’s actually entertaining and useful will help you build a following and connect with people.

You should also follow others, because it shows your willingness to connect, and people also get notified when someone follows them, increasing the chances of them following you back.

Once you have a following, you can directly share your new content with your followers and get tons of traffic.

Use to share your content on other networks is StumbleUpon’s own URL shortener, which allows you to share your content on other social networks and let readers like your page or thumb it up easily.

There will be a toolbar on top of any page you share with the URL shortener and it will also have sharing features for other social networks, which means your reach can also expand exponentially.

Paid stumbles

Even if you’re not getting enough organic activity, you can pay for reaching out to the right kind of people. Paid Discovery on StumbleUpon works much like it does on Facebook, but instead of ads, people are directed to your website.

You can go with light, standard or premium packages according to your budget and needs and then create a campaign. Select relevant topics for your content, the target audience for it, your desired priority and budget.

Then you can either let StumbleUpon select dates for you or schedule your content.

StumbleUpon is a hidden Jewel, mostly underestimated by people who are unaware of its potential for generating traffic. You might think it’s confusing, but once you start seeing results, you’ll find StumbleUpon to be much more effective than Facebook and Twitter.

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