The Complete Twitter Guide for Brands

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If your brand or business hasn’t been tapping social media you are already way behind everyone else. But it’s never too late to start. One of the easiest and most effective mediums for reaching out to your customers and putting out brand updates is Twitter.

It’s simple to set up and even simpler to use. With recent changes, Twitter has taken a welcome step towards highlighting visual content, which means your branding efforts are going to get better returns. In this guide we will talk you through everything you need to do to create a strong brand presence on Twitter.

Enrich your profile

The first thing you need to do on Twitter is to sign up and create your profile. You’ll need to create a profile image and a cover photo that stands out. Twitter also allows you to use custom colors for your profile to match your brand’s theme.

Your bio is also important because it allows people to know about your brand and what you do at a glance. You will be limited to 140 characters, so make every word count.

You should download our Social Media Branding Template (available here) to easily set up your profile. Remember though that you need your profile and updates to stand out and that’s only possible if your profile image and cover photo are bright and attractive enough to make viewers stop and read your updates.

Mix up your tweets

Most brands make the mistake of tweeting just about themselves, and most of that too is promotional stuff. People don’t care much for promotions anymore and if you follow this route, you’ll have a tough time getting followers.

The best way to go is to mix up your tweets. Post your own updates along with other interesting, but related content. It doesn’t hurt to post a funny picture or share something you think people will appreciate, even if it’s not directly created under your brand.

Engage with people

The best way to get noticed and build a following is to engage with people. If your brand is related to food products for instance, you should search for hashtags like #Food and #Yummy and see what people are sharing.

If you find something interesting or something that can be related to your brand, don’t hesitate to comment. Retweeting others is also a great way to show them that you are active and care about what others have to say.

To follow back or not

A lot of the bigger brands hardly ever follow people back, and while that works for them, it might not work for you. The truth is, if you don’t have a following on Twitter, your posts will not have the reach you want. And unless you are already quite popular or famous, it’s going to be difficult to get people to follow you without following them back.

However, in the end the approach you take depends on you. If your content is engaging and valuable enough, you’ll rack up the numbers in time, and once your following starts to grow, you won’t have to worry too much about following people back.

Invite comments and questions

You need to get people to talk to you and about your brand. A good way to do that is to post something that invites people to comment or ask questions. You could put up a teaser for a new product and ask people what they think about it.

Similarly, you could host a questions and answers session about an upcoming or existing product and take feedback from your customers.

Promote your social profile in traditional media

If you are making use of traditional media like newspapers, billboards and television ads, you should promote your social profiles there too. This will give your social presence credibility and will bring in people who are exposed to traditional mediums.

For instance, if you are running a new print ad, you can simply add a line at the bottom saying ‘Follow us on Twitter @(YOURPROFILEHANDLE).

Be quick to acknowledge feedback and comments

When someone replies to a tweet, follows you or retweets something, you should be quick to acknowledge the activity. A simple thank you goes a long way in cultivating good feelings and a loyalty.

Similarly, if someone gives feedback or makes a comment, address it as soon as possible and do so professionally.

Use visuals

Twitter now supports a host of visual content. Not only can you link your blog posts in your tweets, but also full-sized images and Slideshare presentations. This allows you to create compelling branding content and put it out on your feed.

You can refer to our guide on visual content for more details.

Schedule posts for other time zones

If you are aiming for a global customer base, you’ll need to schedule your posts for other time zones (apart from making time to interact with those customers as well). Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite easily allow you to schedule posts so that your feed remains active even when you’re sleeping.

Using these tools wisely allows you to get global exposure and grow your social presence even faster.

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