What are Landing Pages and Why Your Business Needs Them to Takeoff

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If you’re running a business online, you’ve probably heard about landing pages and how they are important for sales. But a lot of people think landing pages are these specialized ‘things’ (they are, kind of) which can only be created by marketing professionals.

That’s not entirely true. With a little help, you can create your own landing pages as well, but before you do, you need to know what they are and why your business needs them.

What are landing pages

Landing pages, as the name suggests, are pages where you want your visitors to land. But not just any visitors, these are the people you want to focus on, the people you wish to sell to. So in essence, landing pages are specialized web pages which are created and set up with the sole purpose of compelling visitors to act in the way you require.

You might need them to sign up for an offer, give you their contact information, provide personal details, subscribe to your newsletter or buy something from you. In all of these cases, your landing page will determine whether your visitors will do what you want.

In simple words, these are pages you design to target, influence, encourage and compel your visitors to act.

Why are they important

As mentioned earlier, the role of any landing page is to make visitors act in a certain way. Why they are important is because of the state of online marketing at the moment. Your target audience is constantly bombarded with banner ads and popups, but none of these methods are effective on their own in bridging the gap between exposure, lead generation and conversion.

Landing pages allow you to set up ideal conditions for making a sale or eliciting a response. They can be optimized to target only those people who are interested in your offering in the first place. From them on wards, your page hooks those people, walks them through your offering and then presses the right buttons to make them act.

Examples of landing pages

Landing pages can be of many different types and in the end it depends on the kind of business you are running and what works best for you.

Sometimes a lot of content is needed, especially when your product or offer needs to be backed up by information to help your visitors make up their mind.

Basecamp Landing Page

In other instances, for simpler products, a couple of lines and bullet points suffice.

Mint landing page

The design of your landing page is perhaps as important, if not more, than the content on it. Visual cues have a major impact on visitors and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Squarespace landing page

How to find out whether your landing page is working

Your landing page is a controlled environment which allows you to focus solely on your visitor (and vice versa) and also gives you important statistical measures to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

For instance, having a page allows you to assess how many people are visiting it, where are they coming from, how much time they spend, how many bounce off and how many decide to click through.

If you are using a dedicated platform for your landing page, most of them come with built-in reporting systems. Even if you have your own website or blog, you can use Google Analytics to generate reports and measure the effectiveness of your pages.

Using all these statistics you can easily tweak and optimize your pages and make changes to test and find out what works and what doesn’t.

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How to implement landing pages in your business

Landing pages are not typically displayed among your standard content pages or blog posts. They need to be presented in response to a visitor’s action to ensure anyone who lands on the page is interested in what it has to say.

The best ways to implement landing pages in your online business are to link them to your PPC campaigns, Social Media posts, sidebar banners and affiliate marketing networks.

Whenever you pay to get traffic for your business, you should direct all of it to specialized landing pages instead of just the home page or blog archive.

So if you aren’t already directing your incoming visitors to specific landing pages, start now and monitor the increase in your lead generation and conversions. If you benefit from them, do let us know by commenting below and sharing your story.

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