Why User Interaction & Engagement is Essential for Your Brand’s Success

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User interaction or engagement involves all those activities during which users are willing to stretch their boundaries and go outside the general shopping experience.

For instance, if users are interacting on your social media page, asking questions and writing content that relates to (and essentially promotes) your brand – all this falls under user interaction.

How engagement benefits your brand

User interaction directly helps you generate influence. Ordinary people are perceived as more trust worthy than brands. Therefore, if you are able to generate a following surrounding your brand, it will help you create leads and sales.

Remember: successful websites are the ones that create engagement and not merely pull visitors. There is a high chance that people who you successfully engage will eventually convert into customers.

What you need to do to engage visitors

In order to create user interaction, formulating a content strategy is extremely important. You must conduct a research and focus on your target audience. The key here is to consistently produce fresh content that targets your user base.

A recent study revealed that people are more likely to respond to videos and images that are posted on websites/blogs because it is easier to scan visuals as compared to lengthy, deep content.

When it comes down to social media interaction, you need to provide your followers with content that is not only relevant but also personal. Moreover, your post should always contain a call to action in order to compel results.

Another great way to interact with your audience is through competitions. Contests create brand awareness in the most subtle way possible. People get to know about your brand in order to win something and this sense of achievement can later be channeled towards making a sale.

Moreover, people contesting in these competitions also generate positive word of mouth. Once people sign-up for these competitions, you can always diffuse the sales pitch by providing them information regarding your existing and upcoming products.

Engagement Tips for Websites and Blogs

There are certain tips which can help you drive user interaction on your website, page or blog. First of all, in order to gain a few early responses, start adding questions at the end of your posts.

Secondly, the process for commenting under your post should be extremely easy. A few websites require visitors to sign in using their e-mail address, which can put them off. A simple screening process like social sign-in should suffice.

For websites, make sure that you add social media plugins so people can share what is being posted on a daily basis. This is going to help you create a social media presence outside of your page.

Secondly, you can run contests on Pinterest which require users to pin items on your website. This will help you generate traffic through the social media.

Engagement Tips for Social Media

Social media has long been the digital marketer’s friend, but the problem with it is that it has become too noisy now. While engagement on social media pays off big time even now, it is much harder than it used to be.

Now you need to really compete for views, clicks, shares, likes and retweets. However, the easy way to go about that is to harness the power of visual content. Creating stellar visuals coupled with interesting, useful and entertaining content is the only way you can attract attention and compel action.

Check out our visual content creation guide for helpful ideas, tips and tools you can use to create engaging visual content.

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  1. Jeff

    Dont know why so many brands continue to market themselves with ads and push pure promotional stuff without caring about engagement. If you interact with your visitors you can make a loyal following in the long run very easily. I myself love brands which go out of their way to interact with users. This is the way to go now

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